Friday, July 1, 2011

A day at IIM-Ahmedabad (WIMWI)

 ((( Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi )))) ... ((( Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr )))) .. (((( Kik kik .. Kik kik .. Kik Kik .. Kik kik kik kik .. Kik kik kik kik .. Kikkkkkkk ))))

Thus begins my day with three alarms going of one minute after another, one on my alarm clock, one each on my mobile phones, and the back up call on my land-line phone from either Dad or Mom; all just to make sure, I don't snooze and go back to sleep. Sleep is a precious commodity out here, along with time; and pretty soon, the grades will join the list too. (For me atleast. Definitely will be returning to my halycon 7 point days, very soon). 

Then starts the mad rush, to get take bath, to get ready, have something at breakfast (which by the way, isn't as yummy as it seemed a few days back). Some days pretty much end up being a choice between whether you want to be smelly, hungry or not rush to class.Oh yeah, WST - WIMWI standard time is pretty much an anti-thesis of the Indian Stretchable time. 08-45 implies 08:44:59. Not a second later. If you do, the door closes on your face and for assignments, it can be a grade lower. 

But the whole punctuality thing is pretty nice in its own way. The way it gets drilled into you, is something that is so very different to how life was, at NIT Bhopal. Attendance, is pretty much mandatory. As the popular refrain here goes, the A in IIM-A stands for Academics. But it could be A for Awesome too, as you end up finding moments of sheer joy even in the hectic running around at this place.

Classes start at 08-45; and three sessions of 1 hr 15 mins each are interspersed with a break of 20 minutes. The academic standards are pretty high, which is expected, when a class has about 25 IITians and about 5-10 BITSians. The feeling of being mediocre, among a bunch of toppers can hit you pretty hard, initially. You are expected to prepare, for the class, before the class itself; which was something I found very new; after life at MANIT.

Sample this conversation in the last week, with a MANITian friend.

Me: Hey, I'll catch you later. Need to study for tomorrow. Lots left. 
Friend : What? You have exams already??
Me: No no, we've to prepare for classes.
Friend : ????

That pretty much defines life in the first few days, when the new changes from engineering life, take you by surprise. Be it the methodical way in which the registration was done (Something MANIT desperately needs to learn) or the way in which classes are handled. Professors arrive in class about 5 mins ahead of time. But start classes, the second the clock ticks to time. 

With 29 dorms (hostels) with 20-40 students each, you get the chance to interact a lot more with your fellow batchmates (Fachchas) and seniors (Tuchchas). Well maintained hostels, are the order of the day; compared to the luxury it was, at Bhopal. (And no, I'm not saying hostel life wasn't fun at Bhopal. It definitely was as much fun, if not more). 

Lunch, can suddenly turn from peace for the rest of the day, to a sudden mad rush to find your books; when you find a notice for a 'surprise quiz' in an hour's time; when you go to the mess to have your lunch. Frantic page turning; and friend finding later, you find yourself fronted by a question paper which might end up to seemingly be Greek and Latin (depending on your preparation levels). 

Walking back to the hostel, contemplating how you could have done better, might turn a futile exercise; when you discover there's pretty much no way to, unless you'd studied everything everyday. Then starts the circle again. Opening your 'Trimester timetable' to find out what classes you have the next day. And what  needs to be studied for the next class. 

And oh, group assignments and group submissions or work on a weekend submission need to be done too. Dinner, might seem a mere formality at times. And the studying, accompanied by Facebooking/Browsing/Chatting; takes you deep into the night. It might suddenly seem that you are done for the night, when you suddenly discover that there could be a possible surprise quiz the next day and rush to open your books once again, with a groan. 

Partying, fun (a lot of it) happens, and when they do, the 'Tempo Shouts' leave your ears ringing; and the dunking leaves you drenched. Life here, leaves you at a low at times, but suddenly manages to lift you to a high, which you possibly never even dreamed off.

MANIT had this refrain - 'MANIT me raat nahi hota ..' . This place has made me discover the actual meaning of that. 

PS: So far so good.  With just one really late night, and one late night. **Touchwood**


G2S said...

awesome! ur next post will be about ur new found ananya.. :P

Akshay said...

You are scaring us boss with all this hush n push....but d composition is rather breathtaking....:)

p11akasha said...

captured the feeling perfectly ! :)

Maverick said...

awesome description SG boy. :D i have a hunch that you have some more witty encounters coming from iim a in the posts to come?