Saturday, August 13, 2011


No no, this has nothing to do with the failed English FA campaign for Respect to Referees in Football. This is about a phone call, earlier this week with a friend of mine. 

IIM-Ahmedabad came up with it's admissions criteria for the Batch of 2012 (CAT 2011) earlier this week. 

After satisfying the cutoffs in each section and overall ,
70% weightage is given to the CAT/GMAT score and 30% weightage is given to the Application Rating Score.
Application Rating (AR): 2012-14
Rating Score <60:1pt, 60-80:2 pts, >80: 3pts

A: Percentage score in 10th Std. Exam
B: Percentage score in 12th Std. Exam
C: Percentage score in Bachelor's Degree Exam
D: Percentage score in Master's Degree Exam
E: Work Experience
<1 Year: 1pts, 1-2 Years: 2pts 2+ Years: 3pts

Application rating: (A*B*C)+D+E
Personally I have no opinion on the criteria. But the person I spoke to, was an aspirant for CAT-2011 and in my opinion deserves to get into one of the IIMs. He was unlucky the last time around, and gave up admission in one of the premier non-IIM institutes to give CAT another shot. The news of this criteria was real bad news for the guy as it reduced his chances of a call drastically, as compared to last year's criteria due to a fraction of a mark in UG. Rather than rejoicing with a 27 that would have nearly guaranteed a call after clearing the CAT percentile requirements, he was left to ponder over an 18 or 19. 

I have seen plenty of people cribbing about the new criteria. Many of these guys will probably crib about anything and everything under the sun, unless they aren't affected by it. Normalisation will have them cribbing, cut offs like the previous year would have them cribbing. Weightage for 10th and 12th will have them cribbing. High weightage for CAT score, compared to the interview will, as well. 

The conversation with this friend of mine was a breath of fresh air. The  guy who should have been highly disappointed, and cribbing (I probably would even agree with him cribbing). But he took it in his stride and preferred to use his energies in getting a good CAT score rather than waste time cribbing about something that is out of his hands. I loved his "I cant do anything much about this now. Let me rather prepare for CAT and ensure other calls than crib about this" attitude.

If I had been in his position, I'd probably have been cribbing to death about it. This conversation taught me to leave aside things outside our control and rather work at things that we can still influence and are in our hands, than such stuff which we can do nothing about.

Dude, if you are reading this, RESPECT. You are someone who deserves it this time around. Hope you get through to a B-School of your choice this year!


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dude, why do i get the feeling i know this guy :P....

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