Sunday, September 18, 2011

After three months at IIM Ahmedabad ...

Three months in IIM-A are done and dusted. And after the first few days of life here, when I slept without any care, last night was the next occasion when I did that. For those who know me from earlier on, they would probably realise that my waking up at 1-00 PM in the afternoon after sleeping at about 12, the last night is like a non-event in my life ever. So peaceful was last night, that i was wishfully thinking if I could probably pause life and this moment and enjoy it a lot more, rather than get back into the rat race of assignments, quizzes, PPTs and exams once again. All said and done, I wouldn't deny the fact that it's been a roller coaster journey with lots of ups and downs and a tremendous experience altogether. I find myself with a lot more knowledge and ability to look at things from angles which I'd never thought of previously as well. A lot more than I ever thought would even understand. 

For instance, when I arrived here, I was so naive that I dint even know what a balance sheet was. During the first ever study group meet here, to discuss one of our first cases , here was the conversation that went along. The case was about discussing what were the problems with the company, and what should the approach of the owner be, and whether he should sell the some stores of his, etc. 

Friend: The company doesn't seem to be doing quite well. Their Debt-Equity ratio is pretty high and his sales are stagnating. Doesn't look like a good scenario for the company.

Me: Dude, what are you on. Check the balance sheet, the company's assets are equal to its liabilities. Worst case, he will go bust, and he can pay off his debts without any loss. So it is in a good scenario only, right?

Friends: ((shocked expression)) 

When I said this, I didn't even know that assets were equal to liabilities all the time!! My understanding of stocks used to be just a few numbers, the red and green arrows. Now I know a bit about how things work behind those numbers and the arrows. Things weren't looking all that great in the beginning, when I was surrounded by an bunch of people who were a lot more talented bunch than I have ever seen. I applied to a couple of clubs and didn't make it anywhere, which didn't give me any confidence either. Nor did looking at the CVs of some of the guys out here, which were filled with such great stuff which I couldn't even have dreamed of having done. A set of exams, and now another have passed by, and have made me realise my 'positioning' strategy in this institute and I have stuck to that, ever since. Not too high, nor too low, somewhere in the middle is my space, and I hope to hold on to that and climb up with passing time. 

Life has been great, with T-Nite. Not that I had a lot of stuff to do then. The only meaningful contribution I had was probably giving my classmates a nice laugh, with the video of a group performance on stage when I was looking so comical. EPL watching probably is one of the steam releasing points these days. Guess I am on reverse jinx mode these days. Whenever I have watched, Manchester United cant seem to stop scoring, unlike those days in MANIT when United never won whenever I watched a game on TV. Even took part in a couple of quizzes (not the accounting ones, these are the actual quizzes which I love).

There was also the tale of a missed interview, for the Literary Cell of IIM-A, when I completely messed up and didn't attend the interview due to a comedy of errors. A couple of juices written by myself (in part hindi), without the help of the expert juice writers would definitely count among my biggest achievements here, considering one of them was written during the End-slot exams as well. Life's good & bad at the same time.

When I landed in IIM-A, I came in with the sole objective of a career in finance. But off-late, I'm seriously considering even that, whether finance is what I actually want to do in life, and I am getting more inclined towards the other streams (Marketing, has really caught my eye, like nothing else has). 

Life here is hectic, and at times, you just wish you could stop and relax for a while, so that you could run the rat race with renewed energy, than run it in such a fatigued state. Of all things I have done here, something silly is what catches my eye the most. Unlike the much touted late nights and night outs, *touchwood* I've managed to get through life here with no night outs for the purpose of studying and not that I've neglected academics either. Leave alone a night out, the latest I've ever been up for studying would probably be 1-30 AM. (Even that seems an overstatement, now that I've said it)

Life's been pretty satisfying here. Though it has been a little because I have reduced my expectations from both life and myself, to more realistic levels. Free time is such a valuable proposition here, so much that I hardly get time to do the things I love to, like reading and writing. In MANIT, it would have been a travesty had I not read a novel I borrowed or owned within the first two days. But here, I've purchased a couple of books, which I've not got the time to read through, even though I'd love to do it. 

At the end of the day, I've also made sure that my focus on a 'satisfying' job than a 'high paying' job, hasn't wavered either. I'm really looking forward to see how far it holds, especially during placement season. 

PS: Next thing I'm looking forward to, is watching Velayutham First day, first show in a theatre in Ahmedabad. Hoping nothing screws up that plan. Been a while since I saw a Vijay movie on screen.


Aniket said...

1:30 am seriously? no night outs?!? gotta learn time mgmt from you then :D

Safique said...

Not only time management, FARA also (Assets = Liabilities funda). Lol..;)

But, must say it's so well written. :)

Anwesa said...

I was shocked to see that picture ( Engineering took its toll on me too :( )

Hope you get a "happy job" :)

G said...

Can more or less relate to the situations , though I know the magnitude is much larger at your end...
all the best ! :)

syndicaterajagopalan said...


i heard about you from your dad., remember just heard., I am too late by age to college, but always thought how life would be at IIMA. Thanks for sharing.


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