Saturday, October 15, 2011

The A to Z of Life at IIM-Ahmedabad

It just seems like yesterday that I landed in this place. But  it's already 4 months of life at IIM-A, and like promised by everyone - one rocking roller coaster ride it has been. This is one post which might never do justice to life at IIM-A, but here you go. The A-Z of life at IIM-A.

Aadamkhor. The man-eaters of Section-A. That bunch of wonderful, fun loving and brilliant people who make each day such a pleasure to live, despite all the pressures of life here.

Birthdays. There is a whole lot of tradition associated with birthday celebrations here ranging from the 'bumps' to the 'senti speeches' and like promised, they well and truly make you feel 'special'. 

CP. Class Participation. Various forms include Random CP, Arbit CP, Desperate CP, Forced CP. The only sure shot cure to sleeping. 

Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines. As one of my classmates (Abhishek Jansari) put it, almost everything in IIM-A has a time or a deadline associated with it.

Engineers. Invariably every other student you find on campus. Except the few odd.

F. That Grade which we are dread and want to avoid by all possible means, even if it means putting THE most arbit CP (Class participation) in class. 

Google. GMail. Google Docs. The only way you can live life in some slightly ordered fashion here. The first though cant be used as much as in Engineering days, thanks to that dreaded software called 'Turn-it-in'.

Hostel Life. Or Dorm life. One of the best parts of life at IIM-A. The Dorm naming, the dorm parties, friends, tuchchas, fachchas. You need to be experience it and enjoy it. If MANIT hostel life was fun of a kind, life here is fun in another dimension.

IITians. iSchol. Refer the entry on R

Juice. Love makes everyone a poet. Here, a laptop with someone's G-mail signed in, makes anyone and everyone a poet, who can write juices (poems or other novel ways to express 'your' 'love'). Of course, there are the experts. And there are the rest.

Kotler. One book that shows how powerful marketers are. I mean, creating a whole new field of business to sell your book(s) is quite something isn't it? The book is so huge that the 'Kotler Summary' e-books are 238 pages long. And there exist summaries of the Kotler summary which are 3 pages per chapter long. (70 odd pages totally). (No I'm not lying). All said and done, marketing is among one of my most preferred career options, along with Consulting and General Management.

Louis Kahn Plaza. If at times you feel that the pressure is getting to you, there is no better place to let it release than the green well manicured lawns at Louis Kahn Plaza named after the architect who designed the red-walls of IIM-Ahmedabad. The serene feeling you get watching the stars at night, over you is as calming as can get.

Maska Buns. If Dhokla was the famous Gujarati dish that you could get everywhere across the country, Maska Buns represent the not-so-famous but the more tasty dish (in my opinion atleast) . Probably the tastiest food item available in and around campus.

Nescafe. Arguably provide the best coffee on campus, and my lifeline. (Only my friends from Bhopal know how much of a coffee lover I am)

Open Book. Those kind of exams that make you wish that it would have been good if books came enabled with a Google Search or a Ctrl+F in them. You probably would have written a lot more from your neighbour's paper in Engineering days, than you did from a book in an open book exam.

Placecom. Respect to them for being one of the most systematic and well oiled committees I've ever seen in my life. Probably are the bunch of guys who do the maximum work in the campus.

Quizzes. The fact that every person on campus is glued to either his mobile phone or the
laptop screen or the notice board near the mess for those 120 odd seconds between 1:44:00 to 1:46:00 doesn't quite do enough justice to the kind of effect a quiz has. The heaves of relief and cries of joy when there is no quiz are at times heard across the campus. 

RG. Refer the entry on I

Sweet and Gujarati food are synonymous. You cant quite imagine the range of dishes these people manage to make sweet. For the land of the 'Dandi Salt March', you'd probably not have imagined Gujarat to be a place short on salt.

Teachers. If after engineering college life you lost your respect for the profession of teaching, you probably need to visit this place to see the levels of godliness that a professor can touch.

Ultimate. or Frisbee. The most popular game on campus. On most days and weekends, you will be able to see a bunch of guys running all across the well manicured lawns of Louis Kahn Plaza, chasing and throwing around a 'plate'.

Vikram Sarabhai Library. The three storey building where you can find the answers to all the assignments that initially seemed Greek and Latin to you.

WIMWI Standard Time. Everything happens to the Dot here. From classes, to submissions, to deadlines. If only the ending of the classes also stuck to it. ;-). 

Xchange. Reminds me of the Coleridge poem. "Water, water everywhere; But not a drop to drink". If you aren't able to comprehend, then you probably have the IQ level of Poonam Pandey.

Y chromosome. Something that is extra abundant on campus. Leads to plenty of demand-supply issues of all kinds.

Zzzzz. Arguably the most valuable thing on campus (?).


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