Sunday, January 8, 2012

Life at PSBB - Fond Memories are all that remain

"Pattaani Sundal Bonda Bajji Suda Suda Sambar" used to be the popular refrain that those anti-PSBBians used to go to, in those days of yore, when I was part of that wonderful institution called PSBBSSS. Plenty of nostalgic and wonderful memories and I had the most wonderful times in school. 

Yesterday, as I was mindlessly facebooking, as ever, I came across this picture of the old Nataraj Eraser with the yellow wrapper that we used to get in those days. It is probably something that I wouldn't forget for a long time in my life, due to the pain it gave me when due to some mad reason I put a couple of small pieces into my ear without even realizing I did it. Two months of pain in the ear before it was discovered and flushed out. That picture took me back in time, and has got me back to blogging in this new year 2012. 

Who can ever forget the old Balamurugan Store - the one stop shop for buying everything that you needed for your exams/classes/entertainment/eating. Fryums, 'Rasna', the old lady in the store. I can remember everything like it was yesterday, though sadly the store is no longer there as it has now been replaced by a swanky store - sign of the change within PSBB as well, in terms of the students, I guess. 

Time has not taken away AB (Anand Bakery) though another AB in the form of Adyar Bakery has come to steal its swagger. The Samosa Channa from AB, and watching some friends 'shoplifting' a couple of bottles from there - unforgettable. Nor can I ever forget that mad rush for the 'Special Numbers' in the Cycle tokens that we had to buy to park our cycles in the school. Or distracting the security 'Marimuthu' with songs and what not, to escape outside without cycles if we didn't have a token. 

Football in the basketball court was another special memory. The 200 (??!!) odd people who used to running about the small area in the lunch break chasing tennis balls and plastic balls, or at times the balls from the 'Play Pen' for the kindergarten kids. Getting caught once on the school CCTV cameras for jumping into a house next to school, to retrieve the ball. Or Simon 'Sir' - the "legendary" teacher who  everyone thought would retire at the beginning of every year we spent in school - only to find him there with his ubiquitous spectacles. Or Revichandran who could give Arsene Wenger a run, with his football 'tactics' and 'selection' processes. 

The jinxed sports day that used to get postponed every year thanks to the rain. And the rain holidays we used to get when it never rained. The games inside the classroom ranging from the Pen Game to Book Cricket and then 'A to G' Cricket. The 'tactics' that were employed ranging from taking a thin book or a thick book to a short book or a longer one. Or cricket with a paper ball that was stuck together with cello-tape as the ball and a bound text book or the exam pad as a bat. 

No one could beat PSBB when it came to ''different'' 'subjects'. Transcendental Meditation where we were taught a 'secret' mantra in a dark classroom or Western Music with Felix sir and Samuel sir. But nothing can even come close to beating 'Work Experience' where we were 'taught' to make objects with useless items or cook up some 'delicacies' like Sandwiches with Biscuits and what not. 

Oh Yeah! Future kids - the computer classes when we were supposed to learn Paint, Excel, Access (till date the only time I've used this software) but ended up playing the few games that used to be installed in some 'secret' folder for the entertainment of the teachers' kids. Those times when we used 'Network Neighbourhood' to trick our way through assignments or cause pain to people we didn't quite like by deleting their files. Or Chemistry lab where the lab assistant would give away the name of the compound we had to test.

Those fights between girls and boys for 'superiority'. I even remember some occasions where we had a running race across the sports ground much to the amusement of other onlookers to prove our superiority. And the 'black mark' charts that laid the foundation for the 'boy-girl' teasing that would happen. The 'helping hands' who would help their friends convey their 'love' and the inter-class and inter-batch fights that resulted because of the 'love'. The 'detective' girl who recorded a conversation of a boy proposing to her and had him caught, and the multifarious rumours that used to do the rounds during the days of ''Boys" - the movie.

The elections for the School Pupil Leader which were of much fanfare, and the time when PSBB asked us to wear 'Traditional Dresses' to school and then asked the guys who wore a 'Dhoti' to write an apology letter for the same. Or running to the audio-visual room in the school - the only one with a TV - to check the score of the Indian Cricket matches when they were on.

Those 'Call Parent' meetings for those who failed, and the 'Anniversary Test' and 'Project Test' that helped a few (including me) to scrape a pass. Bharat Kalachar 'reviews' for which the Hindu provided generous help and the tactical EPL discussions that would put Shebby Singh to shame.

PSBB has always had a special place in my heart, and so will all these memories. Plenty more that I can write about, but probably that can wait for another post.
Who can ever forget school-life and what would I not give to be back there again?