Friday, March 23, 2012

From Kanpur Confectionery to Aravind Eye Care ..

It all began with THAT case on Kanpur Confectionery and ended with the last one on Aravind Eye Care. 

It has been a brilliant journey, with new friends and some really close ones at that. The memories at CR-7 will be cherished for life. Quizzes, Pointless CPs, T-Nite, Parties, Mugging, Classes, Company PPTs, Presentations, the wise-cracks in the last row. Suduko and Looping the Loop with Aayush, random discussions with Roshan, pulling Safique's leg now and then, the 'dude' talk with Prabhav, being blinded by Sagar's brightness (literally), the perversion of Shan and the 'men' of Sandeep. 

Our Class: CR-7 and that's my group making a presentation
Picture Courtesy: Rakesh Shejwal

The pitching for the mess committee elections, the summer placement process, grades, subjects, PPTs - every single thing has taught plenty of lessons. Last minute assignments, playing pass-the-buck till there's no one left to pass to, free-riding and dealing with free-riding, escaping without cold calls, some Godly lectures, some boring ones and a few that left me dazed with the level of knowledge that my peers had.

Being half way to a restaurant and then getting a call from a friend about a quiz, and the mad rush back leaving the auto driver being bewildered as to why any sane person will take an auto from one gate of the new campus to the next gate of the new campus! Teasing the work-ex guys as uncles, building tales and writing juices.

Posting random stuff on FB and then being pointed out to, by a prof that "I see you more on FB than elsewhere." That joy of a quiz going well, the dejection that comes with a screwed up quiz or an assignment that you least expected.

My seat for the last 9 months
Picture Courtesy: Rakesh Shejwal

Those little arguments, those petty fights, the seemingly intellectual discussions and the lone badminton match. Exams where I knew nothing, exams where I seemingly knew a lot (till the grades came)(PS: The post-exam FB comments were actually the best part though!)

Being part of a study group that met more for treats than for assignments. Living next to the institute topper. Being friends with a person who has founded a school. Talking to people with different views and perspectives about life.

Trying to beat the PGP Office by guessing quizzes, and at times getting it right. The few times at the library and the laments about not having enough time. Managing without night-outs or sleeping in class. Texting from one corner of the class to the other, and having that little increase in heart-beat-rate when the prof suddenly looks your way.

That's us, Section-A or the Aadamkhors (2011-13)
 Picture Courtesy: Rakesh Shejwal

The journey has helped me discover what I want to do in life. It has been a journey that has had more days of despair than joy, but will certainly be among the best memories of my life ever. Life here has had moments where I have been over-awed by the people who I have met here. It has taught me that it is the journey that matters, and not the destination. It has taught me to think, and think rationally. It has taught me to deal with a whole bunch of characters!

When I first stepped into the institute, I was in awe of it and was wondering whether I actually belonged here. This one year has not really given me an answer for the same. Probably miles to go before I find that out, but it has to be said that I am more closer to finding the answer out, than I was when I started out. 

PGP-1 has given a lot of memories, and in a way has changed my life quite a bit. Getting a chance to live life at a place where so many people dream to be, and living the dream to the fullest. An unbelievable experience it really has been.

1. Mrunmayi, a good friend - for the title of the post. 
2. Rakesh - for the photographs that I have used.