Thursday, July 12, 2012

The MakhanC 7C Framework to avoid Cold Calls

Right from the moment you convert your call to a B-school, one oft repeated thing on the discussion forums and welcome meets is the much feared ‘cold-call phenomenon’. So much that by the time you join the institute, you start visualising the same as a professor standing over you with a pistol waiting to fire, pointed at your forehead! 

And when it actually happens, the reactions are a sight to remember. Some start stuttering, some start sweating profusely. Others tremble and the clever ones start turning their case mat and notebooks vigorously in hope that the answer to the question will suddenly present itself somehow! Some others have the default answer for anything and everything – ‘Sir I was not feeling well yesterday …”

With extensive experience in avoiding cold calls, partly helped by a convenient seat in the last row, two helpful people ahead who blocked my view and the compulsory luck factor, here are a few ‘tips’ that could help you avoid the dreaded call. Like any marketing enthusiast, a lame effort has been made to fit it into a 7C framework. But hey, aren’t half of the 5Cs, 4Ps (or was it 6?), 10Cs and what not, force fitted as well?

·         Case-mat: Have your case-mat highlighted. Probably in the bright orange highlighter or even better, the pink one that Apollo stocks to fulfil the inherent needs of the fairer sex on campus. It goes a long way in telling the professor that you have ‘read’ the case and the readings for the day.  

·         Contact: Never, I repeat, Never lose eye contact with the professor when he is scourging the class for the next cold call victim. The momentary ‘let-me-look-down-he-is-looking-at-me’ impulse is all that the professor needs, to catch you for some special treatment.

·         Confidence: An extension of the previous C. Always look confident and maintain a decently serious face that shows enough interest and the ‘I-am-listening-sincerely-sir’ look in class. Professors rarely cold-call the muggus or the ones who maintain a muggu face atleast.

·         Craftiness:  Develop the tact and guile to strategically place your case-mat/notebook on your desk in such a way that the edge of the case-mat falls slightly below and hides your name plate partially or fully. Or atleast casts a shadow over it making it difficult to read.

·         Curiosity: Whenever you sense a chance to ask a really obvious question that needs to be asked, irrespective of your level of preparation, ask it! ;). It can be as simple as "Sir, is what CeePeeGod said the right way to go about it? I feel that CeePeeQueen’s way is much better." More so if CeePeeQueen is the girl you've been watching all day, to stay awake!

·         Collaboration: If there’s a CP God in and around your area, he will save you the blushes generally. For hard-core collaboration, if you are good friends with the two people sitting ahead of you, you could ask them to sit in a way that he blocks view of you. This has proven to be extremely successful in many cases, though it is highly hazardous to the guy sitting next to you.

·         Contingency: Lastly, if you know for a fact that the professor WILL cold call and is a traditional cold caller, then what are you waiting for? Pick up your case-mat and start reading.

All risks and fallouts through experimenting with the 7Cs are down to incorrect usage. Like every well-known economist says, all this is subject to Ceteris Parabus of course. In case, it leads to positive results, please do give the author a well-deserved treat for saving you the embarrassment of being a laughing stock in front of the girl/guy in class, whom you’ve been trying to impress for the last few months.

Disclaimer: All any reference to companies/proprietary frameworks/people are unintentional and are meant for the pure purpose of humour and not to mock at anyone. If you managed to read till here, thanks a lot! And if you read this as well, your eye sight is splendid.

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