Saturday, September 15, 2012

Of broken hearts and stunning eyes!

I climbed up the iconic staircase, trying hard to chase her as she walked away in a huff. My life had always been about chasing her, ever since that moment – that treasured moment when I first saw her. I had always thought it was impossible to find true love at a place with the best brains of the country. After all, beauty and brains are a hard enough combination to find. 

But the moment I saw her, walking down the lawn dripping with the dew from the previous night, trying not to get her flower-patterned skirt wet; I knew she was the girl for me. The sparkle in her eyes as she tried catching a butterfly that fluttered past her, like a kid and her radiant smile! The smile that I could die for! The first rays of the early morning sun accentuated the glow on her face, and made it all the more striking. How can someone look so appealing in a normal top and a skirt, I wondered. Those eyes! That was the best thing about her. The melange of emotions that her eyes could portray in just a few minutes was incredible.  Those hazel brown eyes that drove me mad from time to time … just like the case today. 

As I finally caught up with her outside the library, I put my arms on her shoulder only to receive a revolting stare in return. She had always been a staunch challenger of public displays of affection. Though I had always wondered why, I had never mustered the courage to ask her the reasons behind the same. I persisted, and I soon realised I shouldn’t have, as she pushed my hand away and started walking faster. My mind was blank. My deepest fear had always been the possibility of her moving away from me. But I had never imagined it would be because of a fight with me. It was always the thought of her finding someone better looking that drove me mad. A thought that haunted my dreams so much, that I told it to her one day to get it off my back, only to be laughed off by her! After all, why would the prettiest girl on campus want to be with a bumbling guy who was the complete anti-thesis of the perfect guy!

She had always been the driver of our relationship, right from the beginning. I didn’t mind that either, atleast in the beginning as I did not want to be seen as overly zealous or unbearably dreary. The solitary step I had taken in our relationship so far was to tell her that I liked her. Even this was a step too far for me, as I had to fight off nerves and fever in my fright of being rejected if I told her that I harboured feelings for her. That fright of being friend-zoned or even worse the ignominy of being bro-zoned forever! 

My old friends had always teased me about the possibility of finding my ‘Ananya’ (with reference to Chetan Bhagat’s Two States); a thought that had never crossed my mind at all, given my eternal fear of even opening my mouth in front of girls. But with her, it was all natural. Frankly speaking, I never had to even talk as she yapped away to glory all the time. She always had an interesting story to say. Always! And I all I had in reply was ‘Hmm! That’s nice’ or the occasional ‘Oh! Wow’. Her stories about her previous relationship, though, were a turn off. But I had always been curious to meet the guy who dumped her. I couldn’t even imagine the thought of that, leave alone thinking of the after-life. 

But here, it was all unfolding in front of my eyes! She was fast approaching her hostel and once she went in, there was no way of getting her to even talk to me, leave alone mending broken bridges and salvaging the relationship. What could I say that would help me present my side of the case to her! I had never tried to even argue with her. I would always try to skirt over any uncomfortable situation that arose between us, as I did not want to risk things! After all, in any argument with a woman, there is only one winner. 

I walked behind her racking my brains, thinking what I could do to salvage a lost cause. Even at this point of desperation, I could help admiring her hair from behind. Those velvety tresses which I loved to let my fingers sense! She looked a million bucks today as well. Her slender legs were carrying her as fast as they could towards her destination, but my eyes kept shifting elsewhere, with my vision blurring with tears as reality slowly started to sink in. ‘We’ were no longer a ‘we’. Those walks around the red bricks that helped me retain my sanity would be a thing of the past. The bike rides on the highway with her hugging me from behind would never happen again. Would I even be able to find another girl like her? Even if I did, would I love her as much? More importantly would she love me!

Alarming thoughts kept crossing my mind, when it all struck me. Why did this never occur to me earlier! …

Note: This is completely fictional and has no resemblance whatsoever to anyone! This is just the output of a sleepless night, when I was in a heavily 'creative' mood.

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Anwesa said...

The "note" was the best part :P

And he needn't worry. There is someone for everyone all the time.