Monday, September 10, 2012

The Summer with the Aloo Obsession & Scary Gurgaon!

I had been looking forward to summer for once (Despite the high probability of spending it on the streets of Delhi!) Given the fact that the last four were spent in the noble act of paunch development, it doesn't seem to be any benchmark to level against. But with a summer internship at HT Media - in a sector which I thought was a perfect fit - it had the potential to end up the being the summer of my life! But guess like the average Bollywood movie, expectations ended up being the bane of things. 

Like always, the honeymoon period was sweet. (That it lasted only a day is a completely different issue altogether!) Actually, even that can be contested given my fears that the cab driver was attempting to kidnap me when he suddenly decided to put to use the latest contraption in his car to rise the tinted window shades, and refused to answer my questions about where we were headed, in a comprehensible manner! The chap couldn't understand my Southie-tinted Hindi and I couldn't understand a word of his Hariyanvi or Punjabi or whatever that was. Honeymoon, though, actually ended at Rajdhani who decided to wipe our pockets clean off 350 bucks, following a Summer Intern 'lunch party' and despite multiple requests refused to serve the only tasty item on the menu - Aamras - multiple times; giving me a feeler of things to come of the city. The intern though gave me plenty of memories!
  • The orientation trip with a confused driver, an ever more confused fellow intern. 
  • Acco-hunting at Gurgaon where we met a broker/agent who asked me more questions about my role at HT (Aap Reporter ho kya?!) than I asked the HT people during my intern-interview!
  • Getting thrown out of a hotel with nowhere to go on an hour's notice on a Sunday, and still managing to find accommodation due to very resourceful friends. 
  • My first visit to a pub where I drank Sprite to maintain the "dignity" of the table and was forced by buzzed friends to ask for a second Sprite as it was happy hours!
  • Being offered a 'job' by the owner of a tiny rice mill in Delhi who mistook me for a job aspirant as I stood waiting outside his ''factory'' gate for 3 hours for an interview for my project. 
  • The iPad-app-assisted trips around Delhi on the Metro, and the fun we had teasing the owner of the iPad!
  • 'That' terrifying ride on a Delhi Auto well past midnight with two auto-wallas, a dreadfully dark lane with no lights what-so-ever. 
  • Lunch at an Italian Restaurant where the only items I could recognize on the menu were a Pasta and a Pizza.
  • Sweaty, Mosquito filled nights that were made memorable by our fights with the caretaker of the PG!
  • Food at the PG that made food at MANIT's Hostels look like a 5 star hotel dinner! The guy was so obsessed with Aloo that I became averse to it for a few weeks after leaving Gurgaon!
  • The desperate attempts at weight-reduction that culminated in trying to walk up and down the 17 floor HT building only to emerge as a sweaty mess at the top
  • The '24 hour power back up' promise that turned out to be 24 second power back up for one fan and a light. 

  • A friend, who now, reminds me of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory! 
  • The sessions with my boss/mentor/guide where I ended up nodding in  the negative but saying 'Yes'; much to his exasperation! 
  • The desperate hunt for a TV on Derby Night, finally recharging the PG TV out of my own pocket and finally watching United lose the game and the league. 
  • The unforgettable trip to Rishikesh - the Schumacher-ish driver who drove at 30 kmph on the Expressway and at 90 kmph on a narrow single lane road
  • My attempt at swimming (read getting into the water) and losing my slippers in the Ganges! 
  • The Gurgaon autowallahs who made their Chennai counterparts look like Angels in comparison 
  • Helping the Hindi speaking RJ record a Tamil Ad and rolling over in laughter at the way he pronounced Horlicks' jingle
 Most of all, the bunch of friends that I stayed with; the bunch of colleagues that I worked with and finally, the satisfaction of receiving your first ever pay cheque!


abcd said...

Ha ha dude! You used to give stomach ache as an excuse to avoid swimming in school and now going for a swim in the Ganges! Great development .. :P

Prabhu Dhev Ravi said...

Good one. You didnt paint a great picture of HT Media for us though :P

Mrunmayi said...

Y is ther no thanking to the friends who helped u thru those 2 scary mths :P