Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Focaloid - Photography Unleashed!

As a budding photographer, have you ever felt the need for a platform where you can get together with fellow shutterbugs from around the globe, where you can share your masterpieces (or atleast the ones that you think are masterpieces) and talk to them about how you could have made them better? If you’ve felt that a Flickr, which stops with photo-hosting and Facebook, that has only people liking all ‘good-looking’ photographs is inadequate to get some critical feedback on how you can improve or how good you actually are, that’s where Focaloid fills the gap. 

Conceived as a social media platform to get photographers to discuss and share their photographs, Focaloid was launched on 19th August – incidentally World Photography Day - by a group of photography enthusiasts when they figured out that there was no place for them to discuss with their fellow aficionados from around the world. The team consisting of 5 founding partners – a NITIE alumnus, a former Infoscion, two IIM Ahmedabad students and web developer – has put together a website that has caught the eye of photographers across the world given the 200,000 page visits they have clocked up within 4 months of their launch and the average visit length of 12 minutes where the users gaze at their ‘Photoboard.’

A key feature of Focaloid, the Photoboard is envisioned as a place where a user can get snaps and updates from all his (or her) favourite photographers in one place. The interface is built to initiate and encourage discussions among the community, given the ease of following and commenting on photographs. 

The Editor’s Choice page focuses on the best photographs that are part of Focaloid. Voted for by a select group of expert photographers from the Focaloid community, these photographs are presented in an aesthetically pleasing way that puts the focus on the photographs, than the photographer or advertisements. One scroll across the Editor’s Choice page shows the impression that Focaloid has created amongst the photographing community, given the quality of the shots that one can admire out there. 

For a photography enthusiast, Focaloid acts not only as a place where he can share clicks and talk to fellow photographers but also get to see the best clicks of like-minded people from around the globe which gives one a great indication on the kind of clicks you can attempt next time around when you go photo-hunting & inspires you to get started with your DSLRs. 

With a robust and fast-growing community of over 1500 photographers from across the globe, the discussions are more pertinent for a photography enthusiast rather than the wows of a ‘layman’ on social networking sites and helps a photographer work towards improving himself! 

The attention of the founding team is currently on creating a product that will wow its users than focussing on revenue, the major stumbling block for entrepreneurial ventures today. The team also appears guarded on its future plans for photo-exhibitions, photography tutorials and other possible streams of business that could also generate revenue. 

Recently incubated through the iAccelarator program in CIIE – IIM Ahmedabad, Focaloid was also selected to the Microsoft BizSpark plus program, which identifies the top start-ups in the technology domain. Given that Focaloid has not just caught the eye of the shutterbug community but also the business world, Focaloid could be the next big thing in the fast evolving world of e-business tomorrow. 

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