Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Moyes-siah or Dithering Dave?

As Samir Nasri’s strike hit the back of the net at the Etihad stadium, you could hear the loud groans and swearing of United fans across the world; and the silence of the switching off of the TV/Live Streams that followed.

Those doubts that swirled around every United fan’s head when Moyes was announced as the replacement for Sir Alex, surfaced yet again. Will United’s winning times come to an abrupt end? Will Moyes be able to replicate what Sir Alex did? The semi-catastrophic transfer window with United chasing ‘unrealistic targets’ or placing ‘derisory bids’ hardly did anything to cool people’s nerves either!

Starting Trouble?
With the worst ever start in 10 seasons thus far, and with just a solitary point gained from clashes against Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool – the worst ever in the last 12 seasons (when Chelsea/Man City/Liverpool have been strong enough to be considered), things have looked quite abject. Fans on social media have been going ballistic on Moyes due to his persistence with Ashley Young & reluctance to give Kagawa or dazzling youngsters like Zaha or Januzaj, a similar run in the first team.

Doubts persist with regard to United’s midfield quality despite Fellaini’s signing, and the fans feel hard done given the winning habit that they have got into in the past – 5 title triumphs and two missed by GD and a solitary point – over the last 7 seasons. The ‘winning mentality’ that Sir Alex seemed to have forged into the team’s DNA looks to have gone missing, with most of the team looking clueless against Man City’s brilliant display.

Facepalm, Dave! :)

All said and done, Moyes does seem to be at fault, at least partly, for what has happened. But shouldn’t he get the time and the benefit of doubt to build his own team, his own players and his style of playing? Wasn’t the call that was taken with Moyes’ appointment, one favouring Long-term stability over Short-term success? One should remember that some of the issues that Moyes faces today, with the team have existed even from Sir Alex’s days at United. The lack of a quality central midfielder. Atleast Moyes has attempted to solve them, with his signings.

When he retired, Sir Alex exhorted the fans at Old Trafford; and the rest of us listening on with teary eyes – "I'd also like to remind you that when I had bad times here the club stood by me. All my staff stood by me, the players stood by me, you stood by me. Your job now is to stand by our new manager. That is important."

Didn’t Sir Alex’s team crash to that devastating 1-6 defeat to City? Or the 1-4 to Liverpool? Everyone has their share of bad days, and Moyes is probably having a good share of them early on in his time at United. Or maybe he isn’t cut out for United at all. 

But let us at least give him the time and the support to show his mettle, right?

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Souvik Paul said...

The despair and gloom that seems to surround old trafford is borne out of a reluctance to lower expectations, at least subliminally. The bare truth is, there isn't another manager in SAF's mould who can keep the team punching above its weight for as long as he has done.So it doesn't really matter who you rope in.The glory days, or at least the frequency at which they arrived, is well and truly behind you. All good things come to an end. They have, accept it.