Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bucket List #2014

This started off as a post to recount what a brilliant year 2013 has been for me, just about behind 2011 as a year in my life probably. The relief after being placed in Airtel, the excitement of watching all my best buddies get placed, the joy of the bike rides and beaches in Goa, the pride of graduating from IIMA, the nostalgia of the trips to NIT Bhopal & IIMA as an alumnus, the tears during Sir Alex's retirement and Nadal's comeback win at Roland Garros, the elation of the first salary, the nervousness during the first sales market visit, the exalted feeling after my first 'sale', the laughter during all those comical moments of Sales life, the accomplishment of purchasing my own domain name. Plenty of brilliant moments I'll cherish for life. Some that I'll regret for a life time. And then, I heard that my CEO never prefers a post-mortem but prefers planning the future. Something that struck a chord, and this post became a bucket list. 

Resolutions have always been meh, for me. Last year, I swore I would reduce social  networking activity - and posted two FB updates on Jan 1st itself. I ended up being more active than ever on social media. The blog did get revived to a decent level and the domain name was purchased as well. But, being in Sales, you gain expertise in target setting very quickly. Especially breaking down larger targets into smaller manage-able bits! And thus began my bucket list for the year, rather than 'resolutions.' 

#1: 12 months. 12 kgs. Every year, I think about reducing some of the girth I have gained in that one tragic three month long vacation in my second year of engineering. My mom recollects, "When you were a kid, we had to struggle to make you eat. Now you are struggling to stop eating." And so, #1 on the list is to reduce atleast 1kg a month. Anything more is a bonus. 

#2: 52 weeks. 52 books. Last year was good in terms of books. 28 all together. But periods in between without reading even one. And the sales guy in me broke it down to a manageable number of 1 per week. More importantly, have resolved to break free of the sports-management-Indian Fiction-biography loop I am stuck in, and explore more variety. 

#3: 26 fortnights. 26 blog posts. Midway through last year, I took upon myself the arduous task of 1 post per day on the blog. And I managed it for 7 days. That mood, that setting that I generally look for, before writing is something I hardly manage. Added to the Twitter menace where most of the random thoughts that prop up go, I manage any content to keep this place running. Hopefully with sales life kicking off soon, the experiences will keep it going. 

#4: Write something significant. Something beyond the blog. Something I have never had the patience to write. Something beyond random rants, CAT gyaan and the usual stuff I come up with. 

#5: And finally, the biggest and the hardest of them all. Complete that life long goal. That pilgrimage. That walk down the tunnel, into the dressing rooms. The trophy room. Sitting in those stands, watching United run riot and singing along to Viva Ronaldo, Five Cantonas, Ooh Robin Van Persie. And hoping that my luck is good enough to run into some player while I'm around. 

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Anupum Pant said...

I'm thinking of something similar for myself. While, I can go a little easy on #1 and #5, I'm planning to push #3 to 365 blog posts in 365 days. Let's see...