Sunday, February 16, 2014

One last chance ...

With one call she broke his heart
She said they were better off apart
She had him in such a trance
That he thought he had one last chance ..

Everything suddenly seemed like a blur
He couldn't imagine life sans her
This was fate's deadly dance
And he asked her for one last chance ..

The seductive smile and enticing eyes
Her thoughts, always so wise
He wanted to change her stance
So kept asking for one last chance ..

We'll both be happier she said
Into diverging paths we will tread
His road though was sans romance
He just longed for one last chance ..

She got married one fine day
For her wonderful life he did pray
At the guy he couldn't even glance
He wouldn't have his one last chance ..

He held on in some weird hope
His friends suggested alcohol and dope
A step ahead he went, with a lance
He never had his one last chance .. 

Image: Broken heart (Gergely Magony)
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